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Thought I'd give everyone a heads up on the development of NWB 2.0

Thought I'd give everyone a heads up on the development of NWB 2.0 - Just to show that it's actually being worked on.

There's a lot of stuff to consider, and with the advent of Facebook/Twitter/Bebo, there's a lot of social networking site functionality that people take for granted. These thingsm however, take a while to code properly. I've been spending the last couple of weeks just working on the Messaging facility! ecks!

I'll be tweeting the latest development updates - so if you want to follow me, please do, and be sure to ask me any questions or thoughts.


Cheers P


# Posted by viking - 13/01/2010, 20:38 (GMT)

am liking more the "update" on the "comm blog" page so keep posting 'em.please?-however-have a real antipathy to looking at something called "twitter" or reading a "tweet" (WTF?)? i love "budgie"-one kick ass rock band -but.... ?

# Posted by delete 79 - 13/01/2010, 22:40 (GMT)

yeah i love the updates at the side of the blog page as well! nice idea!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 13/01/2010, 22:41 (GMT)

Yeah, add a bit of excitment/anticipation :-)

# Posted by Sandwich Slayer - 14/01/2010, 00:10 (GMT)

@ Mr nwb. Good stuff. As you mention Twitter and Facebook, will it be possible to link a users profile to one of those sites so that our status update or tweet shows on our NWB profile? I sometimes tweet by text and it shows up on my myspace too. All sounds good anyway, looking forward to NWB 2.0

# Posted by Kyle - Stubborn Sound - 14/01/2010, 00:26 (GMT)

Sounding great. Is the new site going to be more forum- or blog- based?
The current layout but with forum style 'bump back to the top' on activity would be great.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 14/01/2010, 08:59 (GMT)


Yeah, twitter on band/venue/fan profiles is on the list. Infact, its the reason why I've put the NWB 2.0 twitter feed on the Comm Blog page, because I've just worked out the coding for it.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 14/01/2010, 09:03 (GMT)


The community blog will probably stay pretty much "as is", but taking out the for sale/gig promo/muscian wanted bits (they will appear in separate listings)

Gig promos will be communicated via a twitter/facebook style status update. Which will appear as a short notice in your news feed update.

Im aware that a lot of the comm blog is cluttered with gig promos, which are out of date/uneeded, once the gig has taken place.

# Posted by Bat - 14/01/2010, 15:39 (GMT)

i don't know how hard it is to do, but here's a couple of ideas which would be useful:
For fans: a way of 'favouriting' bands, so that you favourite band gig lists appears in your control panel or profile or something.
Another similar thing, maybe a gig list of bands playing in or around your area.

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 11:07 (GMT)

MR NWB! if you remember me, tom from bladen, the original first metal band on NWB! im now a proper graphic / web designer.

if you want any help then give me a shout! looks like you have the back end coverd but i can help you with any graphical content.

check out some of my work

www.dd.alfires.co.uk (fake college project website)

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 11:52 (GMT)

As i was new to this layout a few week ago i can give you a newer users perspective on the site, at first i was a bit lost with the structure of the website, like at first i was looking for a new thred button on the community blog page, but then realised it was in the profile page as a red link, its all about accesability!

i like the hot posts bit on the side, but maby only show 5 - 10? good place on each page to have a uniform set of content, like hot topics and the others you have on there, but theres to much content for it to easily recognised for what it is. Think facebook (cos at the end of the day everyone uses facebook and the structure of how content is presented is becoming a common format across social networking websites!

a music player for the band profile pages would be a good idea, maby if not creating your own, suggest to bands to upload their tracks to soundcloud (removing you of legal responcibility for copywrite) but allowing your bands to still post lagitamate songs, all they would have to do is enter the embed code into a special section from the edit profile page!

Bigger banner with more exciting graphics ;) your old red blue and white theme was nice!

Im guessing you have built this website on a forum based CMS, only because of how the pages seem to be linking together, id go for more of a social networking look over the forum look, it would help make the site more unique and personal, always a good thing.

I love the points system, but what do the points actually earn us? if its a case of more points means more active in the community, then i only have 50+ but im active every day, im just new!

Good to see the site's going well paul! give me a shout if you need anything, will gladly help!

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 11:58 (GMT)

another thought is every time i read a post and want to know who its by i never think to look at the top of the post i look below the users picture to the left for the name! and when i do find the name its not clickable.

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 12:34 (GMT)

Notifications! so i know when something anywhere on the site i posted has been replied to! (could have an option to turn this off)

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 12:45 (GMT)

messages in the inbox have no page title when opend. ill stop annoing you now :P

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