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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 11

Had a bit of a tidy up

I've noticed that the NWB database is getting very near to capacity, and experiencing some slow down.

I've deleted all blogs tagged with Gig Promos, Musicians Available, Musicians Wanted, Bands Available, Band Wanted, For Sale, that are OLDER than 60 days. This about 4,000 blog posts from over the 2 years.

You will NOT lose any CRP points.


# Posted by Guns or Roses - 26/01/2010, 12:53 (GMT)

Nice one....errr....if I bring my washing round........lol

# Posted by mr.nwb - 26/01/2010, 12:55 (GMT)

Oh.. just noticed - Some of you might lose some CRP pts, if one of your ancient blog posts contained ALL CAPS. Hopefully it wont affect many of you, as its mostly from bands/accounts of yester year.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 26/01/2010, 13:00 (GMT)

Must admit the spring clean has been very interesting. It's easier to trawl through the archives and find all the decent discussions/debates, without having all the gig/gear adverts causing any distraction.

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 26/01/2010, 16:06 (GMT)

Hi Paul , what are we supposed to be doing with these bloody points anyway ? i meen can i use en at Argos Dude ? lol

# Posted by Keef - 26/01/2010, 16:11 (GMT)

@Bass Bloke.
Stick em on E bay mate OR Pm viking and ask him to make you an offer

Hail and run like the clappers when Viking see'e this LOL

# Posted by Dresden North End - 26/01/2010, 18:08 (GMT)

Maybe we could clean up our own blogs without losing points.
Save you havin to do it.
Just a thought.


# Posted by viking - 26/01/2010, 19:46 (GMT)

@keef-that's a coincidence-i was about to offer you ALL of mine?? lmho!! yeeeee hah!!! :-P

# Posted by Keef - 26/01/2010, 19:52 (GMT)

Can't give mine away mate. might leave them to mature and go to one of those antiques road shows for a valuation LOL

# Posted by viking - 26/01/2010, 20:00 (GMT)

@keef-we could try to get them on the next episode of "dukes of hazard"-them good ol' boys are always being threatened with "crp"!!;-D

# Posted by Keef - 26/01/2010, 20:15 (GMT)

PMSL !! Can't remember much about the series except 'Daisy Duke' an them shorts. ooooh I think there was a red car in it as well LOL

Think it was more RPC (Roscoe P Coltrane)than CRP tho Bro

# Posted by viking - 26/01/2010, 20:20 (GMT)

@keef-told mr nwb when he first started the "crp" thingy-sounded like something sherriff roscoe p coultrane would threaten luke and beau with? "Iffen you boys don't behave your selves it's crp for you!" (can't do that weird chuckle of his!) and those shorts?? ohhhhh yeah!!! lol! ;-)

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