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Vocalists/Singers - Anybody Wear Earplugs Onstage?

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Posted By : Massive Electric Storm | Comments : 21

Thinking of getting some, need advice...

Maybe it's my age but it's taking my ears longer to recover after a gig these days, would love to know if any of you singists wear earplugs when belting out the tunes.

If so, what are the benefits, where do you get them from and how much?



# Posted by Call me Diva - 08/02/2010, 09:53 (GMT)

Hey there I use ear plugs as our drummers bleedin loud.

Benefits - I can hear after the gig
The ear plugs i have are not intrusive or hurt my ears

Try www.audiorelief.co.uk around £8.00 I think or theres others that are silly prices.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 08/02/2010, 10:08 (GMT)

Damn right i do, but I'm a bass player. It was after 1 gig in Warrington where the guitarists were so loud my ears were ringing like mad after the gig. The drummer had always worn the disposable "Rhubarb and Custard" ones and let me have some until I got a set of Alpine Safe Pro's. Also have some Elacin ER 20-S.
Both are very popular with muso's that i know and the Alpine's have 3 different filters to provide the degree of attenuation you need.
At the end of the day if your ears go, your musical career probably goes with it.

# Posted by Loverockets - 08/02/2010, 10:09 (GMT)

Was talking about ear plugs to the Bass players wifey the other night,we were sat right next to ST and behind Aiden, bugger me it was loud!

How you guys play all the time without ear plugs is beyond me.

# Posted by Massive Electric Storm - 08/02/2010, 10:13 (GMT)

Thanks fellas.

Rumble - do you mean these:


# Posted by VANKWISH - 08/02/2010, 10:15 (GMT)

never have yet, like to hear whats going on, perhaps getting the band to turn down a little may help, we have allways used a sound engineer so only rely on back line for stage use only, if every1 sets levels up just above the drums it aint that loud, never had ringing ears after a gig so far. or maybe the damage is allredy done and I cant hear fekk all!!!!!

# Posted by Massive Electric Storm - 08/02/2010, 10:18 (GMT)

My ringing ears started when I went to see Jack Bruce at the South Pier, Blackpool (backed by the Norman Beaker band), 1988. Bloody loud, ringing ears for 3 days. Great gig tho.

# Posted by Massive Electric Storm - 08/02/2010, 10:24 (GMT)

The sad thing is, I get no sympathy from my bandmates. Tinnitus comes a sorry fourth in terms of band ailments, behind Guitarist's Fingertip, Bass Player's Thumb and Drummer's Sweaty Arse.

# Posted by Drum Bloke™ - that bloke that... - 08/02/2010, 10:28 (GMT)

Another SHOUT for Elacin ER 20's.

Feel sorry for you guy's stood in front of the drums as you get the full on frequency 'hit' from the cymbals.
Earplugs also cut out what you can't hear (fundamentals) which can be just as damaging..

# Posted by Guns or Roses - 08/02/2010, 10:43 (GMT)

Never felt the need to wear them yet.....until the whittles charity gig that was...Drums were fully miked up...but the backline wasn't! so it had to be LOUD....TOO LOUD.

# Posted by Asa - 08/02/2010, 11:02 (GMT)

Elacin ER 20s for me too. I don't wear them all the time, but perhaps I should.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 08/02/2010, 11:47 (GMT)

@ MES, www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=dp_image_z_0

They're the very ones.

@ Vankwish.
They don't block the sound out, just attenuate the harmful frequencies. I find you can hear what is going on better with ear plugs than without.

# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 08/02/2010, 12:11 (GMT)

I use a bike earplug in my left ear just to enable me to hear my vocals. We use monitors but vocals not always audible over the backline, we are however in the process of sorting in ear monitors so will let you know how we get on with em

# Posted by Subliminal Steve - 08/02/2010, 12:32 (GMT)

yes, I always wear earplugs... I just get the cheap foam ones.. cheap but typically they attenuate over 30db.. most musicians don't like em because they cut the high frequencies more than the low, but that's fine by me

I never go to watch a band without earplugs, and I never rehearse or gig without em... want to preserve what's left of my hearing

I don't find singing with em a problem.. but it does take getting used to

# Posted by Guilty Pleasures - 08/02/2010, 12:43 (GMT)

Yep, ER20s, about a fiver from Amazon. I don't always use them with Delirium as drums are backline are a sensible level. Always need them for Angel Of Sin though as the drummer can only play one way!

# Posted by THE MOCKINGBIRDS (now split) - 08/02/2010, 12:47 (GMT)

had tinnitus for 2 years now. luckily its never effected my sleeping and i cant hear it until im in bed or in a quiet room.

yeah ear plus are the way forward, ive forgotten what silence sounds like. its weird to think i'll never hear 'nothing' again. and every now and then a really loud high pitch comes into my ears for 5 seconds or so - i heard the radiohead guitarist had the same problem, he went almost deaf for a while and different frequencies came back to him at different times.

recently its been a lot better, but i should wear plugs all the time for gigs/practices. i got the ones above, with changable bits in them. didnt wear them for saturdays gig, we were louder than normal and my ears are foggy today. like they've got water in them.

# Posted by Wez From Teh Griffin!!! - 08/02/2010, 14:50 (GMT)

Pardon could you repeat that please?

# Posted by STONEMAN - 08/02/2010, 16:53 (GMT)

i went to a hearing centre for some earplugs that are made from a mould taken from the ear, supposed to be the best you can get and don't deaden some frequencies like other, cheeper plugs do..they take 2 weeks to be made, mine arrive Friday, i will post a review a.s.a.p.
£165....yeah, it's a lot of dosh, but you cant buy back your hearing!
www.hearingprotection.co.uk check 'em out, they were recommended to me by a fellow muso

# Posted by Steve Chan - 08/02/2010, 20:42 (GMT)

Be safe, play safe, use Alpine Safe Pro's, singer's should never leave home without them...

# Posted by lynnmonk - 12/02/2010, 22:14 (GMT)

I don't wear earplugs during performance or rehearsal as we are all DI'd and have electronic drums, so we are only as loud as we need to be. I did wear them once for a performance and didn't like it at all. Despite being the kind that are supposed to attenuate the frequencies evenly, they didn't. I didn't get the same feel from the sound and it affected my performance. However, I do always carry them to gigs to wear when I have to sit through other bands and discos that are not so bothered about who they deafen.

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