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Mix Bag of News

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 25

Buddy and Hopkins, Change of Email, Wrecked on Homepage, Mr.NWB Goes Freelance!, NWB Wedding!

Howdy People

A mix bag of news.. Firstly

Buddy and Hopkins - Jason Nocera has ended his run of B&H comic strips, so that means no more new strips for the site. On the plus side we now have enough strips from the archives to rotate them every few days. Theres a hoarde of strips that most people wont have seen, of have forgotten.

Jason is concentrating on developing bespoke comic strips for clients. I've been in talking to Jason, and hopefully we'll be able to reveal some exciting news shortly

Change of Email - I get numerous requests from people on how to change their registered NWB email address. You can now change your email through your admin panel - http://www.northwestbands.co.uk/Myprofile/ChangeEmail.aspx

Wrecked on Homepage - I have taken The Fix off the homepage,and replaced them with a classic photo of Wrecked.

Mr.NWB gone 100% freelance - Yep, I've gone freelance, which is good news for NWB as I should now have even more time to get the extra features developed for NWB 2.0. This is also a very scary time, as I wont have a regular income coming in, but the freedom is going to be awesome! - (shameless plug) - If anyone wants a website developing, or knows of someone who does, please pass on my details - www.suedeapple.co.uk

Wedding - Me and Mrs NWB will be officially tieing the knot on Saturday 1st of May. The big question is... who have we got as our wedding band?? :-)

Thats all for now folks


# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 13/03/2010, 15:41 (GMT)

congrats on all of these things mr (and soon to be mrs) Bands!
good luck with everything!

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 13/03/2010, 15:46 (GMT)

Very scary Paul on going freelance ...and then your'e getting married !!!

# Posted by 5th Element - 13/03/2010, 15:49 (GMT)

Congratulations and the best of luck with everything from all 5 elements


# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 13/03/2010, 15:51 (GMT)

Buddy & Hopkins? What happens next at that acoustic place where drummer walks in???????
Wedding band? Its not us is it? No, I'd say The Fix as a one off.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 13/03/2010, 15:55 (GMT)

@Night Train... we'll never know!

# Posted by Mike Collinge - 13/03/2010, 16:02 (GMT)

congrats for May 1st. hope you have a great day!!

# Posted by viking - 13/03/2010, 16:16 (GMT)

other than that nothing much to report, eh? lol!!(mind you-vix must be in "total organising" mode for the wedding-never known her as quiet on here!!),plus-like how you've chosen paul's "best profile" picci for the home page-can almost see his "pink packet"!! heh heh!! ;-D

# Posted by Chris ( ex Catdog ) - 13/03/2010, 16:31 (GMT)

Congratulations, and good luck with BOTH new ventures.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 13/03/2010, 17:04 (GMT)

A mix bag of comments.. Firstly

Congrats on your forthcoming wedding. Just make sure Mrs NWB can say the vows in English and doesn't lapse into her native Spanish,......

Going it alone is a real scary moment, but if you have everything in place and more so the belief that you can do it, it will probably turn out to be the best move ever, (after marrying Mrs NWB that it is).

As one who wanted to change e-mail, ta very muchly for the development tweak.

# Posted by HAPPY DAIZE - 13/03/2010, 17:34 (GMT)

Congratulations, I'm sure things will work out fine.


# Posted by James - Metalleeka + AC/DCe - 13/03/2010, 17:34 (GMT)

Congratulations and good luck for the future.

# Posted by Bat - 13/03/2010, 18:17 (GMT)

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs NWB.
Sounds like you've made some good moves there, Paul. Hope everything goes smashingly.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 13/03/2010, 18:24 (GMT)

Whatever (The wedding band)

Congrats from us as well!

# Posted by Off The Rails - 13/03/2010, 18:39 (GMT)

all the best from us lot to

# Posted by mr.nwb - 13/03/2010, 19:03 (GMT)

The wedding band will be rising up from the flames ;) lol

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 13/03/2010, 19:07 (GMT)

Not Pheonix then?

The Ice Band maybe?

# Posted by Uncle Rotter - 13/03/2010, 19:46 (GMT)

Rotten congrats, Mr NWB!

# Posted by 53 Degrees North - 13/03/2010, 22:47 (GMT)

Congratulations and best wishes from us too!

# Posted by 12stringbassist - 14/03/2010, 14:16 (GMT)

Congratulations and very good luck with everything!


# Posted by 12stringbassist - 14/03/2010, 14:17 (GMT)

Congratulations and very good luck with everything!


# Posted by 45s - 14/03/2010, 19:21 (GMT)

Good luck and congrats from The 45's

# Posted by Film One - 15/03/2010, 14:28 (GMT)

Congrats Mr NWB! Good luck with the freelance work, beats being in an office 9-5 (you lucky so and so)!

# Posted by Asa - 15/03/2010, 14:50 (GMT)

It's not Whatever! (the wedding band)...I didn't even get an invite! (so much for being Mr NWBs little pet! ha ha ha)

# Posted by Wellington Hotel - 15/03/2010, 23:20 (GMT)

Congratulations to you both and all the very best for the future, from all at the Welly.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 30/03/2010, 13:30 (GMT)

@ST - soz dude, had to keep numbers down, will ask the boss tho.

Wedding band is Phoenix :-) Thanks lads!

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