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Yet another one bites the dust.. and one of the best..

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Posted By : Tony @ Interfuture | Comments : 18

Bakers Vaults in Stockport has closed its doors..

Just seen their post on FB...


For those who've had the pleasure of playing there over the years will no know it's great place !

If u have any gigs planned , suggest u get in touch with them


# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 23/12/2013, 21:24 (GMT)

That's a real shame, bad times!

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 23/12/2013, 21:31 (GMT)

SORRY, I refuse to believe this blog ...... It cant be so !!!
Really ?

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 23/12/2013, 21:32 (GMT)

SORRY, I refuse to believe this blog ...... It cant be so !!!
Really ?

# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 23/12/2013, 21:41 (GMT)

Sorry Gaz, Tis sad but true.. they just released the info on FB


# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 23/12/2013, 21:42 (GMT)

Yeh bad news that...I played there a few times over the years...both acoustic and with band....great venue....gotta reopen though hasn't it? Hasn't it????

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 23/12/2013, 21:44 (GMT)

We played there only a couple of weeks ago, Yvonne told me that things were tough, but this is a MASSIVE shock, was one of the very best venues in the northwest, always a really top place to play.



# Posted by Dan Evans - 23/12/2013, 21:45 (GMT)

nooooooo!! Gutted I loved playing there when I was drumming for Rocking Horse, such a shame

# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 23/12/2013, 21:46 (GMT)

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 23/12/2013, 21:47 (GMT)

Such a shame, always loved playing there.
Definitely a huge loss to the circuit.


# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 23/12/2013, 21:50 (GMT)

Will certainly miss the place, The Thatched House also went, which was another great venue, where is there to play in Stockport now? cause I don't know of anywhere in the town centre.

# Posted by Scott - 23/12/2013, 22:02 (GMT)

Gutted. Great venue and was really looking forward to playing there on the 4th Jan with Whitefake.
Yvonne is gutted. Wish them all the best for the future

# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 23/12/2013, 22:11 (GMT)

None that I know of in the actual town centre, those that know it will know that apart from bakers, its a ghost town up there now, which is a shame cos the markets used to be abs buzzing place ...

Ye older woolpack on the outskirt of the town centre (near the blue pyramid) close after NYE too...

Stockport defo going downhill , which mirror images the football team lol

# Posted by Neil Aspinall - 23/12/2013, 22:24 (GMT)

It's a shame so many established venues are closing, what is the alternative now, what is the trend leading towards, are we going back to the social clubs, working men's venues where the drinks are cheaper?
Have the established venues been a victim of their own past success, is the market moving on to cater for the younger audience that simply view Classic Rock as dinasaur so won't visit those places and those that do are getting too old for it all?
I don't know to be honest but one way or another times are changing and my guess is that we are all going to find it even harder over the next 12 months.

# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 23/12/2013, 22:36 (GMT)

this is fucked up.

dont want to see a future of empty high streets save for major shopping chains,every weekend consisting of Sky,takeaways and supermarket lager and half empty pubs. this nation is built on pub culture. its alreay starting to happen,every town is gonna end up looking the same,i was literally saying this week that the bakers is in my top 3 faves this year, stockport is great, spent a lot of time there over the years, great pubs and character and the bakers is always great, superb crowd, lovely people and the Martins are absolutely brill people.

its got me thinking if i should get out more than i do on my weekends off

# Posted by Scott - 23/12/2013, 23:00 (GMT)

If u read the bakers vaults statement on Facebook it's pretty clear the reasons they, and many other pubs are finding it financially unsustainable. Combination of high rent, sky high utility bills, council business rates and high cost of Robinsons beer means the vast majority of the X factor loving brigade will happily flood Weatherspoons and the like without a single thought for live music.

# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 24/12/2013, 00:16 (GMT)

The Rising Sun seems to be doing ok we were there on the 14th but that's come as a shock the BV closing.

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 24/12/2013, 07:01 (GMT)

Played there last Friday with Blood Brothers.
Absolutely brilliant venue. Yvonne and Tony couldn't do enough for us.
If this can happen to one of the best then god help the rest.

# Posted by Dominic Lambretta - 29/12/2013, 13:47 (GMT)

If you live in Stockport other venues close to the town centre that have bands on are - The Fairway Pub, The Railway, Chapters Club and The Nelson Tavern Maybe bands could consider trying to get a booking at these music venues and music fans could go to support music at these places too.

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