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Wireless systems....

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Posted By : LAST GANG IN TOWN | Comments : 13

Advice please....

I've decided to go 'wireless' and dug out my old (1990's) Nady 101 VHF system....
In it's day it was quite expensive and worked great, but it's been in a box in my garage for 20 years and although all the lights work and everything seems OK there is no sound coming out of my amp....
So, I need to either get it checked out and repaired OR buy a new one!!!!
Would anyone like to offer me any advice on a decent bass/guitar Wireless system.
Thank you


# Posted by abominablebassman - 06/05/2016, 11:41 (GMT)

Chris is a top bloke and the system is excellent

# Posted by The Method - 06/05/2016, 12:37 (GMT)

Line 6 G75 is a great piece of kit.
Not cheap but seriously cool looking and ultra reliable.

# Posted by Poundstone - 06/05/2016, 12:52 (GMT)

+1 for the line 6. Really really good!


# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 06/05/2016, 14:02 (GMT)

Hi Gary

I use the Line 6 G30 for my bass and I have to say it's impressive. The next model up is the G50 or 60 can't remember which and it has more channels a slightly better range I believe and is a metal casing.

All highly desirable features but it's twice the price, I paid about 120 for my G30, shop around there are always deals to be had.

There's no difference in tone from a normal lead as far as I can tell and it is literally plug and play from the box, very simple to use. I get 2 gigs and a sound check at the next gig out of a pair of AA batteries.

If your just on stage it will never miss a bit, the only time I sometimes lose signal is when we're running around and I go behind a pillar or something, but the visual impact of us all off stage in the audience is worth it.

What ever you go for you won't go back to using a lead,



# Posted by Onebass - 06/05/2016, 14:10 (GMT)

Line 6 has the market sewn up IMO, Great entry level Wireless the G30.

# Posted by Bobo - 06/05/2016, 17:35 (GMT)

I bought a Line 6 G50 several months ago and it is very good. I use Duracell batteries and get 3 gigs (say 6 45/50 minute sets) before one of the three lights goes off. I don't use it for rehearsals and as Tex's bass (nonpc!) person says, I can't tell any difference in the tone. It is metal too. I dropped the receiver once and it made no difference.

Being finicky, the only problem I have is getting the transmitter onto the guitar strap which isn't really a problem. The clasp is very tight, which of course is a Good Thing. With one band I need to change guitars for a couple of songs mid-set so I use a lead for the second one, but it's no big deal.

Highly recommended. I got mine at a great price from a certain German company and free shipping to UK.

# Posted by Daz Dean - 06/05/2016, 19:27 (GMT)

Used g50
Recently upgraded to Shure glx16d fantastic bit of kit

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 06/05/2016, 20:21 (GMT)

Karl knows his gear and I've read very good things about the smoothhound stuff. Can't quite justify it as I rarely move more than 6ft from the amp though.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 06/05/2016, 21:27 (GMT)

Thank you for the replies....most helpful......I'll check out the Line 6......
thanks again.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 06/05/2016, 23:28 (GMT)

I'm gonna get the smoothhound but my AKG WMS40 always seems to work on passive pups ...doesn't do good on my EMG guitars when I turn the volume down ....!!!

# Posted by Fitz - 06/05/2016, 23:41 (GMT)

Try to contribute, but been somewhat shot down as an expensive option.... ... ...

If you want to save battery cost, have reliable system, easy to use, no setup. Good for bass (full frequency without trimming), perfect for guitar, large distance, great charge life, etc etc...

Stage Clix IMHO is best however prices do seem to have jumped up... Compared to costs of batteries however over a couple of years I believe it pays for itself.

# Posted by Mark L - 07/05/2016, 20:33 (GMT)

One more thumbs up for the Line 6 G30. Worked flawlessly at rehearsals and the few gigs I did (I was on bass)

The band's guitarist had one, too. Again, no problems

# Posted by The Kasuals Solid Sixties Musi... - 09/05/2016, 18:21 (GMT)

I have 3 Line 6 G30's, one is on my bass the other attached to my 12 string and one as a spare. Our other guitarist also uses one. Excellent for what they cost, but don't like too much abuse due to being plastic.

If you buy a couple of sets of Energizer rechargeable batteries, 2400mAh or higher you will get around 4 to 5 gigs out of them.

You could spend more and opt for the G70 which is made of metal.


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