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Posted By : PR2 | Comments : 6

This Saturday night....

....everyone will watch us rather than some crumby game of football........won't they? :-/


# Posted by 4 Strings - 08/06/2016, 12:54 (GMT)

Of course and you want have any problems loading in and setting up either ;)

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 08/06/2016, 13:23 (GMT)

Yep, its gonna be bollocks, 8.00 p.m KO so have to set up & sound check before then, if you can get to the playing area, match over at 10.00 so late start = late finish.

Extra money though for late finish isn't it?????

Lets hope England win then the meatheads won't be kicking off.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 08/06/2016, 15:22 (GMT)

Glad we're not playing this Saturday, couldn't be arsed with all the shit re the football.

# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 08/06/2016, 18:53 (GMT)

Roj has it right. The fixtures have been out long enough. If bands didn't want to be arsed with it then they had plenty time to cancel.


# Posted by contraband - 08/06/2016, 20:40 (GMT)

Agree with Gary, we were booked for Saturday but changed the gig to Friday at the same venue when we became aware of the match.

# Posted by PR2 - 09/06/2016, 12:13 (GMT)

To all you guys playing on Sat night good luck...and be safe in the knowledge that the audience will be mainly female or Scottish :)

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