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Ways To Live A Better Life

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Ways To Live A Better Life

Certainly the development of medical science, with improved hygiene and health care, means we are no longer subject to plagues, small pox, polio, cholera and similar killer diseases. But, these former scourges of mankind have been replaced by more insidious conditions, brought on by the modern diet and lifestyle.

We have probably all heard the dictum "You are what you eat", but how many of us realise that our eating habits today are very different from those of previous generations? One hundred years ago, in the early years of the Twentieth Century, our great grand parents consumed a more natural diet of fresh foods on a three meals a day basis. Much of the food they ate was grown, prepared and cooked at home. Markets sold fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and poultry, supplied by local farmers. There were specialist green grocers, butchers, fishmongers, bakers and other suppliers each specialising in a particular trade.

Housewives would shop several times a week, carefully choosing ingredients for the family meals. Meals would be prepared and cooked with the minimum of delay and most food would be eaten within a few days of purchase.

How different the situation is today. Supermarkets are piled high with processed, manufactured foods - canned, frozen, packaged, ready meals, snacks, beverages, candies and cakes. Carbohydrates abound, manufactured foods and drinks are full of unnecessary sugar or corn syrup, fats are denigrated, protein is limited and most processed food is of very dubious nutritional value.


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