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Shitty trick

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Posted By : A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G | Comments : 13

Read on!

So tonight we almost lost a gig because some piece of shit rang the venue and pretended to be myself and told them I had a chest infection and couldn't play!

Apparently another band thought they were playing and rang on Tuesday saying it should be them playing and not a band of gypsies to which the venue stated this wasn't the case and was sorry for any mix up but it was definitely abog playing. Friday night they get the phone call saying I was poorly... seems a little coincidental doesn't it.

Anyway we just had a great gig luckily as I was informed by a follower that rumours had spread saying we were not playing so I rang the venue and said we were still available and was as always greeted with open arms.

This is a shit trick especially when to me this is a full time business and how I feed my 5 year old son!
You also cost a venue money and us nearly a crowd which again is really fucking despicable and i hope you feel as shit as you really are!

I hope it's never proven to be the band in question who will see this as they are on here, this won't be forgotten!



# Posted by Wizdom - 31/07/2016, 01:44 (GMT)

That is a shitty trick glad all went well for you guys!

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 31/07/2016, 09:39 (GMT)

Nightmare, there's some sad bastards out there.

# Posted by Untidy Liars Covers Duo - 31/07/2016, 09:52 (GMT)

I've heard things like this happen before. In one case they said they could stand in and the venue booked them. They were working under a different name and got there early and set up. Obviously the venue let them stay and play and the other group lost a gig,

It's a horrible way to work, unprofessional and mean, and in the end it will backfire on those that do this. We should be helping each other out not doing each other down.

Glad you kept the gig and it went well. I saw you at the Avenue and you were great.

# Posted by ALIBI - 31/07/2016, 11:52 (GMT)

You should name and shame.

# Posted by Anno - 31/07/2016, 12:06 (GMT)

Bad news,on an unrelated point I thought you might be a poor Cheap Trick tribute band!

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 31/07/2016, 12:30 (GMT)

We were to play a festival a little while ago. As few weeks before the gig the guy who booked us turned up at the gig and told us th SC that were hosting the event had been approached by another band on the bill who said a band that had family ties to another act could play instead of us. They would share the gear and this other act would would work for less than us. The guy who booked us was so disgusted he travelled to our gig to tell us in person. Naming names etc..... I haven't forgotten.... I wouldn't stoop as low as them to cancel a gig but one day I will let them know . I did hear on the grape vine that the substitute act were shite so there you go.

# Posted by Urban Gorilla - 31/07/2016, 21:26 (GMT)

Sorry to hear tony! I would be livid! I'm not one for naming and shaming but I think in this case I'd make an exception! But I guess the problem with that is, what would stop someone from picking any old band name off here and trying to steal your gig under their name? That way they have nothing to lose, they either get the gig off you, or the band name (who may be completely innocent) gets named and shamed, all due to some scumbag who is nothing to do with either act. Either way, completely inexcusable behaviour, unnecessary and uncalled for. Glad you didn't lose out on the gig and had a decent night.


# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 01/08/2016, 16:01 (GMT)

Only happened to us once. I was told that the date of our gig had to be moved. The alternative date was no good. When I put this info onto our FB page the original guy who booked us got in touch and stated that he knew nothing about this.
Some real shit-heads out there. Should defo name and shame.

# Posted by 12stringbassist - 02/08/2016, 22:26 (GMT)

This is not on at all.

I once had some well known person on here impersonate an old band of mine on here and cause lots of trouble. Still waiting to bump into that fool again.

Stealing gigs from people is as low as it gets.
I agree that naming and shaming - if it proven to be that person / band - is the only way.

# Posted by James - Metalleeka + AC/DCe - 03/08/2016, 10:05 (GMT)

If you are 100% certain about the situation...then you should contact them in the first instance... and name them and allow them to comment... failing to do so puts every single other band that plays that venue under the spotlight..

Too many times have I seen people air grievances on social media about being scorned by a un-named faction... this actually feeds speculation/accusation about people/bands that are totally innocent.

Whereas some solid research and targeted criticism can only serve to make the offender think twice about repeat offending; and unassociating any other factions that fall under the same radar.

If I were in a gigging band on your circuit, I would certainly be miffed at having my reputation being brought into question by the grape vine. It's well and good me knowing it wasn't me... but some people may not.. you get my meaning?

# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 05/08/2016, 17:14 (GMT)

@james metalleeka 30th july there was only one band that thought they were playing the same night as us and nobody else on here was booked at the royal hotel Bolton le Sands as it was us! but one other band on here thought they were and were told that wasn't the case .. then the venue gets a phone call saying I'm poorly! There is one band who know who they are that did this and I know who they are so I hope this settles your concern!

# Posted by Trinity - 08/08/2016, 12:51 (GMT)

What a shiseter!

Apart from that mate
are you all OK in ABOG?
been a long time, we are nearly ready to hit the road again
another month should do it?

Take care


# Posted by Sky Tigers - 08/08/2016, 14:13 (GMT)

Unfortunate there are people that think action such as this is "fair game"

Karma has a way of visiting the appropriate people, if that happened to me I am sure I would be in orbit for a week.

I must admit I would be tempted to contact the "perpetrator" and "discuss" this trick is akin to behavior of a bully once confronted, they realise they are not invincible, and know that "they've been found out, if of course its them!!!

I work on mutual respect for fellow musician s / artists, a code if you like, there's enough out there for us all

Hope your ok fella & hope it doesn't happen again to anyone

Regards Capt

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