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Might be poking a hornet's nest here, but........

What is the difference between a "party band" a "wedding band" and a "function band"?
What is the difference between the above and a pub band?
Just asking.


# Posted by Wizdom - 10/11/2016, 22:40 (GMT)

Just my opinion but I would say a function/Party/Wedding Band

Have to have a very large repertoire and be polished and dress accordingly!
as they are demanding much larger fees.

I know some pub bands put a lot into it but more often than not we don't tend
to dress up?

I will leave it at that.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 10/11/2016, 23:45 (GMT)

Beat me to it Wizdom. A pretty concise summing up.

Also must be prepared to set up really early if required and be invisible for most of the evening. You are working to the clients requirements and have to fit in with their plans. Will be required to carry Public Liability Insurance and everything must be PAT tested.
You are also right that a lot of pub bands put a hell of a lot into what they do as well and some DO dress up.

# Posted by Wizdom - 11/11/2016, 07:42 (GMT)

Thank you Rumble Fat Band and
a lot more valid points there
Which are essential to work as a
Top function band so yes you also
Have to lay more money out.

# Posted by JUICY - 11/11/2016, 10:32 (GMT)

I treat any gig as working for the clients requirements and have public liability insurance etc.
To me its not a question of being polished ( does that mean taking a bow after every song or just being well rehearsed like the majority of bands on here?),or wearing a tie.
To me the most important aspect of going down that route is to have full agreement from the band members as to the songs they will be doing no matter how cheesy and then to do them week in, week out.
TBH the term Function or Party Band just gives a certain kudos and almost mythical status to what are generally run of the mill bands and because most Corporate events organisers are people who haven't got a clue, look at an Agent's website and choose the one who maybe fits in with the music they know.

Juice of (JUICY who are playing The Bowling Green Horwich on Saturday Night)

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 11/11/2016, 11:30 (GMT)

No difference whatsover, weve done weddings,festivals,corporate whatever that is, and if we can do them, anyone can.
Ive actually seen more people escaping to another room to escape the racket, ive gone outside pretending i smoke at the odd occasion myself. Lets face it, people at functions probably dont see much of each other so they will naturally want to gab and the last thing they want is loud rock rammed down their necks.
Atfer saying that, i dont blame the bands, if they can demand and get the big dosh, go for it.

I played in a trad jazz band at a wedding years ago, we got paid off before the second spot, the father of the bride booked us, but the groom didnae like, mind you the money was as good as the tandoori chicken legs and free ale.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 11/11/2016, 11:32 (GMT)

Not sure about the term 'party band' - I suppose a band who is good for parties but of course all parties are different, I love a good party but some I would run a mile from!

A function band and a wedding band I would put in the same category but not in the same category as a 'pub band' for the following reason -

If I am performing at someones wedding or birthday then I am working for them, it's their big day. Therefore I arrive when asked and leave when asked. I perform and take a break (within reason) when asked and play what is requested (again within reason). For this privilege I charge more and ensure that their big day is as good as they would have liked it to be.

If I walk into a pub and the landlord says "right lad, you will play from 9pm until 1am with a half hour break and make sure that you play Snow Patrol or else I am not paying you" - then I turn round and wish him farewell as I walk out of the door. That is when I start practicing the advantages of being self employed.

# Posted by JUICY - 11/11/2016, 11:45 (GMT)

I can't believe that I am in agreement with much of what the Prince of Pop has posted.

@ Tel,you again have summed it up perfectly.


# Posted by APRIL MOON - 11/11/2016, 14:04 (GMT)

You have to be willing to play Sweet Home Alabama :D

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 11/11/2016, 15:06 (GMT)

@ April Moon, we don't and never have done Sweet Home Alabama and 80% of our gigs are Weddings/Functions. :-)
@ Juicy , I must admit I have agreed with much of what Tel said as well.
@ Wagontown Tel, I agree to a point that anyone can do but only as long as you have the right attitude. You guys obviously have. As far as the "racket" part goes, you soundcheck to the edge of the dancefloor. Any louder and you are right, people who haven't met in years and want a chat will disappear.

That said if the wedding party want a Punk or Thrash Metal band, it's their call and if all the guests have similar tastes, then great. They seldom do and the most succesful function/wedding bands can cater for everyone's tastes.

# Posted by JUICY - 11/11/2016, 15:19 (GMT)

@ Rumble Fat Band.

Thanks for adding that last bit about what the Customer wants.

See my cancellation blog.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 11/11/2016, 23:54 (GMT)

We are a Band.....we play Pubs, Clubs, Party's, Weddings, Birthdays etc.....and we don't rip prople off by charging more just because it's a private do.....
You can charge whatever you want as long as you can justify it.....but a band is a band.....

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 12/11/2016, 02:37 (GMT)

I can justify charging more for private doos.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 12/11/2016, 17:37 (GMT)

Good for you mate.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 13/11/2016, 01:12 (GMT)

Hehe. I don't actually charge more for private doos anyway..... I just offer a big reduction for pubs.

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