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DO NOT Hire The Practice Rooms Associated With

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Posted By : Clash Of The Titans | Comments : 8

Victoria Mill, Accrington.. Been duped Big Time

After a six and half year stint of renting out one of the above properties. I have been landed with a bill for £172. (Originally it was £7000).
The owner of the mill failed to disclose at the outset that all rooms contained within the mill are subject to "Business Rates."
Hyndburn council don't give a shit about this. All they are interested in is the money.

I'm now getting a solicitor involved. I would advise anyone on here who is in a situation like this to check they are not gonna be landed with a wopping bill, when they vacate the premises.


# Posted by Asa - 12/12/2016, 14:45 (GMT)

Did you hire the room or did you enter into a longer term arrangement with an agreement?

If you hired then you should have no liability. If you entered into an agreement then a) it should be clear within the agreement who is liable for business rates and b) it is usually the tenant.

# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 12/12/2016, 17:54 (GMT)

It was just room hire. No contract was ever presented, and no talk of other "rates" was ever mentioned. My worry is that Hyndburn Council will issue CCJ's against me, and tarnish my name for future credit applications etc.
They don't care less that the owner did not tell me about the rates.

# Posted by JUICY - 12/12/2016, 19:13 (GMT)

Pay the money and don't engage a Solicitor.It'll cost you more and you will not have any worries concerning CCJs.
I know it's about the principle but you've had some satisfaction of slagging them off on here.

# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 12/12/2016, 21:52 (GMT)

Think you might be right Juice. A work colleague of mine went on holiday. When he came back the next door neighbour had manged to pinch two feet of garden space, by chopping down the original concrete posts along the fence line, and installing new ones, and then re-panelling the fence. Long story short this went to court, and my colleague ended up dropping the case because of the soaring solicitors costs. Even if my mate had won, the arsehole neighbour would have claimed poverty.
You just can't win against some pricks, even when it's obvious they are fault. Still mad as hell about it though!

# Posted by thudder - 13/12/2016, 10:18 (GMT)

The council don't issue CCJs, they may issue a claim against you. The county court decides the matter after a hearing. Google CCJs.

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 13/12/2016, 11:30 (GMT)

I would have demolished the fence......

# Posted by Covered in punk - 13/12/2016, 11:48 (GMT)

Bloody hell that is quite shocking. I've not heard of him do that to anyone else that's had a room there. Including myself. Maybe he's trying it on?


# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 13/12/2016, 17:14 (GMT)

@Matt - Any band/business/ whatever function who hire the rooms out can now claim something called "small business relief." That's how I reduced the £7000 bill down to £172. HOWEVER if you have been occupying one of these rooms before 1st October 2010 you only get 50% discount, and that's where the £172 comes from in my case. (I started using the room in April 2010).
I would be very careful Matt, because if he starts going back through the history of that room, and finds your name and address he's gonna try the same thing with yourself. Did he ever ask for your home address details? I hope he didn't get them.
As you also know, there is a scout group in the next room, who have been there much much longer than we were. I'm going to get in touch with them, and let them know what has happened, as they are probably looking at a major bill, when they leave.

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