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Very sad news, a truly cruel year, Joan loses battle with cancer

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The awesome and extremely talented Joan Bimson has lost her battle with cancer

Joan played Bass with the Extra's, with her iconic Rickenbacker Bass with a white curly lead.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/12/2016, 12:11 (GMT)

Only met her the once at BJs with The Extras. I had heard that she was very poorly, very sad. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

# Posted by Wizdom - 21/12/2016, 13:30 (GMT)

Sorry for your loss condolences to all.

# Posted by Hush - 21/12/2016, 18:33 (GMT)

Very sad news indeed. I remember her. And we swapped contacts from time to time.

# Posted by Kevo - Roadhog - 21/12/2016, 20:09 (GMT)

I knew Joan through watching The Extras. Such a great performer and a lovely person with a gorgeous smile. Very sad loss.

# Posted by The Fuse - 21/12/2016, 23:37 (GMT)

That's very sad news. Our sincere commiserations to all who knew and loved her.

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 21/12/2016, 23:59 (GMT)

Sad new indeed. Saw her play a couple of times at the Fleece and funnily enough we were talking about her at a gig the other week.

# Posted by The others - 22/12/2016, 10:44 (GMT)

Sorry for your loss condolences go out to the family

# Posted by BLOOD BROTHERS-IRON MAIDEN TRI... - 22/12/2016, 22:05 (GMT)

Really sad news.
Sorry to hear of her passing.

# Posted by Andy McCormack - 22/12/2016, 22:12 (GMT)

Spoke to her at the Fox many moons ago. Nice person and great bass player. Impressed by her playing. A sad loss.
My condolences to her family.

# Posted by DLS Warrington - 23/12/2016, 00:08 (GMT)

Oh no thats terrible news. Didnt know her personally but she was a friend of a friend via the Liverpool Stadium group.

Condolences from all of us to Joans family and to the band. We also lost one of ours this year and its a hard road .

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 23/12/2016, 16:46 (GMT)

I met Joan a few times as I was/am a fan of The Extras.....She was a great Lady and an inspirational performer. Not many like her left, shame she was taken so cruely.....very sad.

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