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Can't Believe this now

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Posted By : Wizdom | Comments : 6

George Michael Dead

R.I.P. George


# Posted by JUICY - 25/12/2016, 23:24 (GMT)

Not my cup of tea but still big on the English music scene.
What a bummer! (no pun intended).

# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 25/12/2016, 23:26 (GMT)

Totally Stunned at this News RIP George Michael
Just can't believe it Such a Shock never saw that one coming

# Posted by Steve Blease - 25/12/2016, 23:35 (GMT)

Without doubt a year of death in the celebrity world. Never know anything like it. It just goes on and on.

# Posted by Wizdom - 26/12/2016, 00:07 (GMT)

Lol Juicy :-)

# Posted by JUICY - 26/12/2016, 00:15 (GMT)

What's Andrew Ridgeley going to do now?
Oh, hang on...

# Posted by Wizdom - 26/12/2016, 16:48 (GMT)

Way things are going Juicy anything could happen.
Hope he doesn't still drive racing cars couldn't stay on the track.

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