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My daughter bought a ukele from that music shop in the Trafford Centre, now to me it's a pile of shite. The action is way too high it's cheap and nasty, but she loves it. My question is, how much a a reasonable one and should it be like a guitar in as much as the action should be low and it shouldn't feel like a toy that's worth £20.

I'd like to get jer a better one for her 21st, ideally I'd like to get a quality second hand one, as I would when I buy basses or guitars. For example. My £1750 Sandberg bass cost me £850 with a brandnew unused case. You see what I'm getting at here. What should I be looking for as in quality wise, to me they're pretty much all crap.

Thanks in advance.


# Posted by G-IT-22 - 02/01/2017, 18:11 (GMT)

Take a look at the Harley Benton range ,I got one and its a lively made instrument (out same factory as Vintage brand)

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 02/01/2017, 22:50 (GMT)

Cheap ones can be shite & unplayable, I got a nice Fender concert for about a ton, make sure you put Aquila strings on, makes a big difference with quality strings.

# Posted by Steve Blease - 03/01/2017, 00:07 (GMT)

Cheers, will have a look. I did read about strings being important, so if i see something, I'll dig a bit further.

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