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Video Promos - suggestions?

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Posted By : The Viktorians | Comments : 6

Recommendations - local to Accrington / Blackburn etc

Looking into doing a promo video for the band - has anybody got recommendations of good quality (and preferably affordable) services in the locale?


Zander (The Viktorians)


# Posted by Gin Pit - 18/03/2017, 12:46 (GMT)

Check out Chris at Groove Studious, Burnley http://www.facebook.com/GrooveStudiosBurnley
07890 618998

He can do a multi-camera video while recording in his studio - a live studio take. Example here:

# Posted by The Viktorians - 18/03/2017, 12:51 (GMT)

Cheers - will check it out...

# Posted by Evenfall covers group - 18/03/2017, 16:19 (GMT)

great video and love the cover, just posted it to facebook. Could you pm me with what he charged you please.

# Posted by The Accused - 19/03/2017, 21:33 (GMT)

2 mates of mine who video weddings and documentaries did this for us, the sound is recorded via an out front camera ( looking at it now they would've ideally recorded it through the desk) .
The stage isn't well lit either tbh but take a look at this and let me know if you want their details.


# Posted by Gin Pit - 20/03/2017, 13:10 (GMT)

@The Accused: You look/sound a great band, but you are surely inviting the one lonely lady dancing to give the impression that you don't pack the dancefloor - which I expect you probably do time after time! And as you say, the sound does not do you justice - though good actual film quality from your mates.

So which band would Mr Booker probably choose from these - this vid below and yours? And the difference in cost would hardly buy you lot a round of drinks!

and BTW - your web site link on NWB goes to an unknown domain - so I couldn't get to see more of you as I wanted.

# Posted by The Accused - 20/03/2017, 20:11 (GMT)

Alright Gin Pit ?
Cheers for your feedback/comments.

There's a few other videos on the YouTube channel if you follow that link, it was my mates first attempt at recording a group of our size live in the digital era, the last time they did it was at a practise in a back room of a pub and they used the old video cameras, a bit like the footage of The Soul Convicts that you've posted apart from they actually set up like they were doing a gig to an audience .

They offered to do ours free of charge as a trial and a learning exercise because it's something they're hoping to get into so it worked well both ways to be fair, they got feedback off us and we got a bit of video footage of which is summat we always over looked and don't have a lot of.

I've watched some of the groove studios footage and it's proper quality, I even enquired about us being recorded there quite a bit ago but as a band we couldn't find time to do it and before you know it it kind of goes by the way side.

As for which band you'd rather book, we always tell people to come and see us live.

If you look at some of the other promo videos that are knocking around ( and I definitely don't mean groove studios) it's a piss take because they aren't playing live, there's other instruments voiced in and they've been pro- tooled or tweaked to with in an inch of their lives .

I heard one where a solitary female singer managed to split her voice into a 3 to produce a major chord...... That's some talent right there.

Ps I ain't sure what's happened to the web page but I'll ask someone that does, cheers for the heads up though mate.


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