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Double Bookings.....

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Posted By : LAST GANG IN TOWN | Comments : 11

What are the rules....

Seen a few posts lately on the subject of Double Bookings....
We're lucky I suppose that it's never happened to us....yet.
But what are the rules?
OK, Shit happens....we must all accept people make mistakes...
But if I've arranged a gig, advertised it, driven an hour up the motorway only to find another band setting up....then what???...
Is it first there gets the gig?
Just because somebody gets there 5 minutes before you does that mean they automatically win....

Personally, If this ever happens to me I'd be straight on to the person who booked both bands and make them 1, explain what happened...2. who gets to play the gig...and 3. How much the discarded band should be financially reimbursed.....

One time we turned up at a gig after a 3 hour nightmare Friday night journey....A drummer was setting up a kit and a few amps we're being set up....We charged in and said to the other band that they had better fuck off....but then the Land Lady appeared and said they were booked (without our knowledge...) as our support band!!!!!
But I remember how angry I was when I first saw the other band setting up thinking we'd been double booked.....

So what are the rules?
and what experience has anyone had with this?


# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 11/04/2017, 12:32 (GMT)

if you have emails or even a text message saying you are booked by the current management you could threaten them with the small claims court . It is after all a contract.. A PA company I know found out they weren't being used for a particular gig they knew they were booked for .. Having the text proved their case and they got paid for that gig even though they never actually did it.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 11/04/2017, 12:46 (GMT)

Never actually arrived at a venue to discover we've been double booked, but we once accepted a re-book after a gig, only to be invited by a band 3 months later on FB to attend their gig on the same night at the same place, otherwise I'd never have known.
When I questioned the landlady about it, she had no knowledge of our gig.
That said, like Alfie says, it's my own fault for not getting it confirmed by text or email within days.


# Posted by APRIL MOON - 11/04/2017, 14:22 (GMT)

We've never actually shown up on the night but have had a couple run-ins with double bookings. One really bad one was a Friday right before Christmas. We saw them advertising someone else online the week of the actual gig so tried to call and email the landlord but he dodged my call for 2 days. We had reconfirmed 2 months before, sent posters 4 weeks before and had invited the pub to our facebook event. Got a bit frustrated with a staff member and told them I needed him to call me back immediately (quite harshly) and the landlord immediately called back to tell me to F$#@ off. I called the staff member back to apologize because anger should have been just with the landlord and not them. We didn't hear again from the landlord until he emailed to tell me off a few days later for posting online about the encounter as a warning to other bands about double checking their bookings at that specific venue.

We have had last minute cancellations at other venues before due to double bookings, liquor license getting pulled, etc and are generally very understanding as long as the landlord contacts us as soon as possible and is honest about it. I think it's about having respect for the people you have working relationships with!

# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 11/04/2017, 18:35 (GMT)

I always like to confirm during the week before. We find it very unusual for something to go wrong. Even if it means going to the venue and speak to someone rather than all the guys turn up to a gig that isn't going to happen. If we're double booked then fine I'll live with it. If another band was already there ?not quite sure what I'd do. Winning the night could not necessarily be the victory it ought to be. There could be repercussions later in the night, even getting paid could be an issue and would you really want to re book there again ? For me personally, not speaking for anyone else I'd rather sod off and leave em to it. Not many fees are worth the hassle when split four ways anyway and as for winning the argument I really couldn't be arsed. Too long in the tooth now for
For that kind of aggro.

# Posted by Hush - 11/04/2017, 19:25 (GMT)

Simple rule check and confirm, a few days/week before avoids all the aggro. But if it was a case of 2 bands turning up on the same night. I'd say first one there. Or both bands refuse to do it. But checking should avoid all that .

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 11/04/2017, 20:40 (GMT)

Ring and confirm ALWAYS. And don't confirm with the bar staff.....find the organ grinder!

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 11/04/2017, 21:23 (GMT)

Facebook messenger, txt,email. Something in writing that you can wave about on your phone on the night. We do very few bookings by telephone, can only actually think of one to be honest.

Reality is it doesn't happen that often and it's never happened to us touch wood.

As long as we hadn't got there I think we'd just take it on the chin and pull our other dates, not quite sure what we'd do if it happened when we got there.


# Posted by MICK NASH - 11/04/2017, 22:09 (GMT)

I always confirm a few days before the gig, preferably by text, e-mail or FB message so I have a paper trail but I did get double booked with the Mike Nash Duo at a gig in Irlam. It seemed to be honest mistake but I have no idea how it happened because I'd booked the gig in person and had confirmed with the management so I took it on the chin and drove home in a strop.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 11/04/2017, 23:07 (GMT)

I know that it isn't funny but there's a joke in there somewhere Mick...

# Posted by MICK NASH - 12/04/2017, 17:42 (GMT)

It's rule 1 Gary, "if it CAN happen it WILL happen...to me".

# Posted by Morocco - 13/04/2017, 18:02 (GMT)

Interesting to read this blog, and the responses - it very nearly happened to us this Saturday, at The Millstone in Darwen ! We've had the gig booked for months, having done 3 or 4 previous gigs for Sharon, plus at least 8 other gigs here in the more distant past, so only checked all was well this week (and found out all wasn't well, Sharon had gone, and new guy had booked his own band). xxit happens, as they say !!

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