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For Sale: Complete set of NJD Spectre lighting

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Posted By : Elektrospective | Comments : 9

including hard case and remote control

I bought these for a one of gig about a month ago.

They had never been used, just stored of the previous owner who bought them from new, so are in fantastic condition.

They can be used stand alone, using the remote control, dmx or midi.

Just one issue - one of the lights has an intermittent fan which will need looking at before use. It could be it needs a new fan or just a bit of loose wiring - i dont know. The fan kicks in then for some reason doesnt. When i used it it got hot and cracked a glass in the light (although it doesnt affect performance). You can use the system with just the one light or get this one fixed cheaply, or replace with another.

Comes in the njd hardcase which are worth a lot on there own.

£75 collected from Chorley/Bolton or will post for £85.


# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 04/05/2017, 18:21 (GMT)

we carry 3 sets of these - really under rated - I would happily haggle for your set but with the summer festival season is almost here and there are a million and one things being bought at the moment. if you don't get a buyer, please come back to me next month.

# Posted by Elektrospective - 05/05/2017, 09:51 (GMT)

Thanks Howard. They really are great for bands. I'm willing to do a deal without the case if that makes it better/more affordable for you?
No problem if not.

# Posted by On Parole - 08/05/2017, 18:08 (GMT)

Have you got a link to these online please?

# Posted by Elektrospective - 08/05/2017, 21:13 (GMT)

There's a video here. These aren't mine, but they're the same lights.


# Posted by On Parole - 11/05/2017, 20:00 (GMT)

Thanks for the reply. I'll see the rest of the lads.

# Posted by Elektrospective - 28/05/2017, 13:14 (GMT)

These are still available. Reduced to £70.

# Posted by Elektrospective - 15/06/2017, 20:21 (GMT)

These are still available. Reduced to £70.

# Posted by Sneeky - 15/06/2017, 20:50 (GMT)

Hi the lights in the video are they the same model as yours? you say that you could use the ones you have with just the one light, are there 2 sets with 3 lights on each, sorry if I'm being a bit thick here just want to verify what you're selling, cheers

# Posted by Elektrospective - 16/06/2017, 17:28 (GMT)

Hi, yes they are the same.
They are 2 units with 3 lights each in.
Both units work, but as I said, one fan would need looking at.
To run one unit you just plug in and plug in the remote if you want. To get the other light doing the same, you plug that in, then link with the provided dmx cable.

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