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To All Bands - Rising Sun Hazel Grove

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New Landlord


Thought I'd just pass on the news that Pete is no longer Landlord at the Rising Sun. The new Landlord I've been told is Alfie and he doesn't have a NWB account. Existing bookings as far as we know are still to be honoured but it might be worth getting in touch with Alfie on the pub number (0161 483 1784)..



# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 13/05/2017, 15:05 (GMT)

He will probably lower your fee as well. We decided not to go back.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 14/05/2017, 13:55 (GMT)

This situation has occurred numerous times on here, it only takes one act the newbies dont like and the fookin lot will be cancelled.


# Posted by Hush - 14/05/2017, 18:50 (GMT)

What does he do lower the fee and put the rest in his pocket? Had a similar situation with a land lord a few years ago, tried to lower the fee at the end of the night after he'd asked us to play half an hour longer, because he was enjoying it.. I managed to convince him it would be wise to pay the agreed amount, after stepping over on to his side of the bar, fortunately intimidation was enough to make him cough up the agreed amount. Ironically this guy did a runner a week or so later, with the takings. So a wrong one from the beginning, I don't like confrontation and don't go looking for it either, at my precious age. LOL I'll be getting near Tel soon . hehehe!!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 15/05/2017, 13:08 (GMT)

Cheeky bast, glad I'm chilled having a few scoops in the sun. Guess where I am Tim, clue.. if you were here you'd be a Buda Pest.

Young Tel

# Posted by Hush - 15/05/2017, 18:10 (GMT)

Are you Hungary good for you. Go get some Goulash.

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