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Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway

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Posted By : Bobo | Comments : 2

Anyone selling one?

I have been fancying one of these for a while. I won't buy one without playing it first but they seem to have dried up in the shops. I don't really want a new one because they have only 1 tone and 1 volume (I want the separate ones for each pickup) and I am not sure about the auto tuning system. However the older ones seem to be offered at silly prices and those on ebay are mostly in America or too far from Northwich to be able to go and try them.
So if anyone is selling one (price?) or would even just let me come and try it with my Blues Cube amp please let me know. I don't like the brown one so it has to be either cherry or TV yellow.
Please email initially with a phone number and where you are - I might not pick up a pm on here because I don't often log in.
Cheeky Bob!


# Posted by Bobo - 15/05/2017, 11:04 (GMT)

Sorry, to save looking up the profile it's musowiz@yahoo.co.uk.

# Posted by HARD TO HANDLE - 16/05/2017, 12:48 (GMT)

are you after the cheaper "faded" one?
or the dearer Custom shop one?


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