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Covered in punk cover popular non punk tunes in a punky style. From Comfortably Numb to Eternal Flame no song is safe as long as we're around. Great reviews on our Facebook and there's also songs and videos. If you imagine Green day playing Shirley Bassey then you're halfway there.


The following is from my previous band, The Pleasers...

Review off a fellow NWB band member, of a gig at the Arden Inn, thanks Roy.
Pleased by The Pleasers
Posted By : Recycled Teenagers
Beltin' 60's trio
Popped out on Friday and happened upon The Pleasers.

What a great trio. Really nice talking to them before the start.

I have to say that I've never seen a band play background music from a tape for many years. lol. A real blast from the past and there may be some NWBanders that are of an age where they might not even know what a tape is! Go and have a look and some history...

I only stayed for the first couple of songs due to their later than usual start but they sounded great. Being a 60's band I'm always a little unsure what to expect but was definitely more my style, they started with The Kinks! and not the 'Heartbeat soundtrack' type stuff that I find a little light weight!

Hope to catch a full gig of theirs next time I'm out and about. See you out there guys.

Oh, and Matt the drummer, plays 60's like he's in a Metallica tribute! That's gotta be worth watching. ;)

Review of a gig at The Dog and Partridge (Preston) on 29/11/14 by NWB member Kate86Voc, Thanks.

I've seen them last night, amazing band. A typical 60's rock sound, covers made perfectly from the beggining to the end, great instrumentalists, especially the powerful drummer with a great feeling. The only thing I would improve was vocals' volume, they might be more audible (Dog & Partridge isnt't huge, Guys played pretty loud though, that's the reason), however, based on what I could hear, vocals stayed in tune and had a lot of energy :)

Hope to see them again in Preston :)


Review of a gig at The Talbot Burnley 19/07/14 by NWB member, Dawn (thatdawnone) Thanks.

Over the road to a very warm Talbot then, where The Pleasers were just about to go on. It was very quiet when we got there but soon started to fill up. We had a quick chat with Matt and Al before they went on then settled back to watch the show. I quite like some Sixties rock but wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a whole night of it, however I needn’t have worried. They were brilliant. If you ever saw the review that Spam95 did a while ago, it’s pretty much bang on. They were enthusiastic, energetic and obviously all very talented musicians. Matt and Al did a superb job of keeping the rhythm going, while Tony did the ‘glamour jobs’ on guitar and vocals up front, very much letting the music do the talking. There was a good mix of standards you’d expect a Sixties rock band to cover; The Kinks, The Who, Rolling Stones etc, plus a few less obvious ones, like Johnny Kidd and The Pirates. Some of their renditions were a bit heavier than the original versions but I like that. My mum texted me during the first set to ask what the band were like and then came to join us for the second set. It all got a bit fuzzy after that; I blame the heat…


Review of a gig at The Kings Arms, Clitheroe 04/04/13 by NWB band reviewer, Chris (spam95) Thanks.

I nicked a poster off the pub wall on the way out and had to smile at the simplicity of the concept behind the Pleasers. Let’s go through the details from the poster.

“Sixties Tribute Band” – check
“Sound of the 60’s”- check
“The Pleasers” – check
“Recapturing hits from: The Who, The Kinks, The Trogs, The Beatles etc” – check
“Don’t miss a Rockin’ Good Night” – check
Image of three guys playing instruments – check

Like the Ronseal tin, this band does exactly what it says on the tin. They are unashamedly a 60’s band, capturing the spirit, sound and even the look of the heyday of guitar led rock.

I saw them at the King’s Arms, in the suburbs of Clitheroe. It’s a cracking venue for bands with a well proportioned room and a bar that serves very good lager. The landlord was endlessly enthusiastic about the music.

The audience was mostly a mature crowd who mostly stayed put. We got there at about nine pm, and the place was quite empty except for the vintage PA and the three members of the band looking worried in the corner. But their worry was misplaced as the venue filled up before they started. Not many young kids, but loads of middle aged folk.

Outside the pub we had parked behind a huge and scruffy old band van that had bought the huge and scruffy PA. The front of house tops and bass bins had the patina of hundreds of gigs but sounded great. The main singer had a lovely 1973 Gibson 335, which, although it looked a bit stage-worn, had perfect action and a couple of electronic modifications. The bass was a Fender Jazz original Squier and the backline speaker was an old and period 4x12 cab that, once again, sounded great, in that thunky way of older bass guitars. Most of the instruments were routed through a FOH three level mixer desk which handled the bass bins, the FOH main mix and a fold back system. Even though it looked rough and ready, it made a good noise, and I liked the ‘old rocker’ style

Several bits of old fashioned lighting facing both the audience and the band lit the whole show well. It was good to see their ‘Small Faces’….geddit! The occasional blast of orange light occasionally hit the startled audiences throughout the show.

The set had no real surprises. They did the best songs from the best bands of the sixties era. They had a good knack of starting one song immediately after the last, not allowing the audience time to catch their collective breaths. The first dollop of tunes included The Kink’s ‘You Really Got Me’ The Rolling Stone’s ‘The Last Time’ and the inevitable ‘Wild Thing’ before the audience even got chance to put their hands together. And it carried on in that vein throughout the evening. In the first set the best tune by far was Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’, (although this was first recorded in 1972!!! shock horror!). This tune showed off the quality of the drummer in particular, who did a great job of this complicated time system.

This trio of musicians did everything required of them. The band has been going in various carnations for thirty years now but I didn’t pick up any signs of intra-band boredom. The lead singer/lead guitarist/rhythm guitarist/arranger/boss/PA fiddler/centre of attraction/gig getter and all round superhero did all these jobs really well. He is obviously vastly experienced and worked sooooo hard. His experience has led to an excellent and suitable sound to his amp and guitar combination. Not too grungy, not too heavy rock and sometimes quite clean. Perfect for this era.

The bass player had an interesting style, his hands hardly moving as he found all the required notes somewhere near the middle of the neck of his guitar. This gave him a lugubrious air, unruffled and calm. But he played the right thing at the right time.

These are not difficult songs to play, but the two of them got the feel and the details just right. The percussionist was excellent, almost faultless and quite interesting to look at.

I noticed a charming discipline amongst the members. On the very occasional times there was an error, the culprit grinned sheepishly and accepted fault for his ‘jazz’ moment.

Is there a downside? A few. If you don’t like the pop hits of the sixties this band is not for you. They are solely a sixties band. The drums had an excellent kick drum sound, but they could do with a mic or two helping out with the top parts. The snare, tom and cymbals could be heard but weren’t quite loud enough even though he was really twatting them. The bass player’s second vocals were too soft, which was a pity as he was quite good.

The mood changed in the second set. The beer and the music finally caught the audience and during CCR’s ‘Bad Moon Rising’ loads of people got off their bums and had a bop. They continued dancing until the last encore, The Who’s ‘My Generation’ finished off the evening to much applause.

In a way this is a tribute band. They have successfully captured the sound and style of the sixties, not a single band, but of an era and a genre.

As we were leaving we had a chat to the landlord. He was Pleased.

Like I said, they do what they say on the tin.


Sat, 29/Jul Covered in punk Coach and horses Burnley
Sun, 30/Jul Covered in punk The Empire Rochdale
Fri, 04/Aug Covered in punk Mr Green's Burnley
Sat, 19/Aug Covered in punk The Talbot Burnley
Fri, 25/Aug Covered in punk The Beach hollingworth lake. Littleborough
Mon, 28/Aug Covered in punk Glaston-bury Bury
Fri, 22/Sep Covered in punk Bank Top Tavern Oldham
Sat, 23/Sep Covered in punk Hare and Hounds Bacup
Sat, 30/Sep Covered in punk Coach and horses Burnley
Sat, 21/Oct Covered in punk Liberal club Brierfield
Sat, 28/Oct Covered in punk The Bridge Padiham
Sun, 19/Nov Covered in punk The Bobbin Milnrow
Fri, 08/Dec Covered in punk The Beach hollingworth lake. Littleborough
Sat, 03/Feb Covered in punk Dog and partridge Preston friargate
Sat, 03/Mar Covered in punk The Talbot Burnley
Fri, 04/May Covered in punk The Arden Accrington
Sat, 18/Aug Covered in punk The Arden Accrington
Sat, 06/Oct Covered in punk Dog and partridge Preston friargate


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